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What to do to stop affect of economic problems on your relationship?

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Some people have the belief that love ends when there are economic problems. Today is given much value to material things. This can cause serious problems for some couples. If you are experiencing financial problems, here are some tips so that they do not affect the relationship.
Be patient. Having a good attitude will help you overcome the problems, not just economic. Knowing how to wait is a sign of maturity, insight and understanding to our loved ones.
Try to be tolerant. Learn how to cope and manage what is happening at this stage of your life. You must be able to listen to your partner, to ask solutions and appreciate their efforts.
Stay calm. Being calm will help you better understand the situation. When you talk to your partner, try to do it in a proper tone. This will prevent understands it as a claim and start a discussion unnecessary.
All couples go through difficult stages. Do not worry if you are struggling financially right now, soon it will all pass.

Why do you think that many couples have problems when you have less money?

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