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10 Best WordPress Plugins for Facebook

There are lots of facebook users in the world. Facebook, it is a great social networking site which provides a lot of facilities for us. We can enjoy these features easily by using some useful plugins.

There are some great wordpress plugins for facebook. You can perform your facebook jobs perfectly by using these plugins. So friend we are going to share 10 best wordpress plugins for facebook.

1. Add Link to Facebook

This is a great wordpress plugins for facebook. You can post to facebook using this wordpress plugins automatically. So you can use this plugin to use facebook comfortably. 

2. WP Greet Box

Certainly this is cool facebook plugins. Here you can perform greeting jobs for your visitor. It will show greeting message for the visitors who come to your blog. If any visitors come from twitter, he will find a greeting message related to twitter. 

3. WordBook

This is another facebook plugins. By using this plugins you can post to facebook from your blog. Your friends will be able to make reply to your post. 

4. WPTo Facebook

By using this facebook plugins you can share the content of your wordpress blog. Moreover you’ll find the option to make anything visible or invisible. 

5. Facebook Fan Box

great wordpress plugins for facebook facebook fan box. This is  likebox of facebook of your site. It will show the images of the followers of your site who have already liked your box. 

6. Fotobook

It is another awesome wordpress plugins. You can import photos from your facebook album and use this to your wordpress blog. So you can use this plugins. 

7. JanRain Engage

If you use this plugins to your site your visitors will be able to login to your blog. So you can use this plugins for your site to make your blog more popular. 

8. Share on Facebook

This is a great wordpress plugins. This plugins will create a link in the bottom of your post. It will allow the visitors to share your post. 

9. Facebook Dashboard Widget

If you want to export your facebook datas to your blog or others, you can use this plugins. Moreover, so if you want to do this task you can use this plugins. 

10. Facebook Members

This is a great wordpress plugins for facebook. It is a great facebook likebox. It inspires the visitors to click on like. So it is very useful facebook plugins.

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